About MudMaps


MudMaps was established in 1990 with the launch of 4WD tours in the beautiful Brindabella Ranges near Australia's national capital, Canberra.

Not happy to skim over the surface of beautiful areas MudMaps focuses on immersing Australian visitors into the environment and landscape to really understand the fundamentals of Australian culture.

Having successfully won 3 tourism awards the company went onto expand into the extended tour market with overland tours between Sydney and Melbourne and conduct many private tours throughout Australia while remaining committed to the beautiful Australian Alps.  That part of Australia containing the largest and most diverse national park system in the country, and home to the legendary Men From Snowy River.

The company operated an office in Silicon Valley, California for some time before centralising its operations in Australia across its Queensland and Canberra offices.

Today MudMaps has relationships with a range of other tourism operators around the world and conducts off road tours not only in Australia but also in the African Sahara under its Tinarawene brand.

Meet the Principal

mark phillips

Mark Phillips

Founder and Chief Executive

MudMaps is the brainchild of Mark Phillips who launched MudMaps full time after leaving Apple Computer in the '90s.  A Chartered Accountant and IT business expert Mark has built MudMaps and its associated brands to provide superior travel experiences for curious outdoor and nature minded travellers.

Over the years Mark has been fortunate to meet thousands of interesting fellow travellers not only in his business but also in roughly 80 countries he himself has visited around the world.  Mark has enjoyed assisting the development of the Australian travel industry over 20 years and today mentors start-ups around the world.