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mountain vista

Clear Mountain Vistas

Australia surprisingly has more snow country than Switzerland as the alpine mountains stretch for hundreds of miles.  Its lack of pollution delivers wonderfully clear vistas for much of the year.

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Australian Alps

Sub-Alpine Rainforests

Tucked away in protected valleys in the Australian Alps you'll discover lush rainforest and seas of tree ferns.

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Gang Gang

Gang Gang Cockatoo (male)

A distinctively colourful cockatoo with a call like a squeaky door or wine cork this friendly bird can be approached quite closely.

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cattlemens huts

Mountain Cattlemen's Huts

Once used by summer grazing folk way up high in the mountains today the Mountain Cattlemen's Huts are used by visitors and those seeking shelter in bad weather.

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billy tea

Campfires & Billy Tea

You haven't lived until you've had a fresh cup of Billy Tea in the Aussie bush around a campfire.

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eastern grey kangaroo

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

The most common of the 4 major kangaroo types in Australia.  Found in or near many forested areas throughout Australia incuding the Australian Alps. You won't go home without seeing one of these with MudMaps.

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natural ecosystems

Alpine Forests

There are around 9 different ecosystems in the Australian Alps including the strange white-coloured alpine forests.

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black sallee

Black Sallee

One of the strange alpine trees that prefers the colder, wetter parts of the mountains.

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Australian Dingoes (wild dog) are found throughout Australia despite the introduction of the 5,000+km dingo fence in the 1880s.  The wild dogs in the High Country can be a variety of colours and tend to have mixed-breeding thesedays.

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